Liberal Cory Booker Claims Trump Just DIVIDED AMERICA With His Speech! – Too “Patriotic”!

Liberal Cory Booker Claims Trump Just DIVIDED AMERICA With His Speech! – Too “Patriotic”!

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As we already reported that the liberals are highly criticizing Trump’s speech at the State of the Union meeting stating that he used patriotism to highlight the White Supremacy and to invoke hatred amongst the American people.

Now, Cory Booker stated that President Trump intentions with his speech were just to divide America. However, his statements were observed and answered upon.


Just recently, The National Review released an article named, “Raging Bull: On Cory Booker, the Democratic Party’s Worst Actor.”
The article was based on Booker’s comments on MSNBC.


“He kept hitting hot- button after hot-button—exaggeration, lie. The fact checkers are going to have a field day on this. I’ve already seen the fact-checking coming out on exaggerating things, misstating things,” Booker stated.

“And then using moments you could use to unify—whether it’s patriotism or faith, he used them as wedges to drive between people. I have this belief that before you tell me about your religion, first show it to me in how you treat other people. Here’s a guy that used religion tonight to divide,” he added.


“Here’s a guy that used patriotism. Whenever somebody pulls out patriotism, uses it in a way to condemn people for their patriotic acts, how they choose to show their patriotism, this is a divisive way to go about it,” he then continued.

“Then the raw meat was ugly, and then the appeals to fear-mongering, using MS-13 as a way to cast a shadow around millions of Americans who are looking for a full recognition of their citizenship rights. There are so many examples of this that were just painful and not a unifying call,” Booker finished his miserable claims.


You can check out Booker’s statements in the video below:




Just look at him. He looks so ridiculous that he doesn’t even show a glimpse of honesty in him.


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